I Love Sipahh!!

This is one of my favorite things lately!

I found this one at Costco about a month ago. They were having it as a free taste. At first, I was just a normal shopper where I just line up in every free taste section (I know we all do that! haha) But I happen to line up in this small booth and I tried the choc mint flavor. After that, I immediately got so attached to it! I have never stopped buying ever since. haha!

What is Sipahh?

Sipahh is a straw that has what they call pearls inside. Those pearls have different flavors depending on what the package states. The company recommends you to use the straw while drinking your milk.

I bought my second box which is the one you are seeing at the pictures below! It’s the Cafe Multipack Limited Edition. Only Iced Latte and Chocolate Straws are the flavors inside this box. They are now also available at Carrefour (Thank You, Lord!) Now, I don’t have to go all the way to Costco just to buy this. Not that I’m being biased but you know Carrefour is more accessible and convenient since it has a lot of branches here in Taiwan.

Here are some photos of my super favorite Sipahh!


Some of the flavors you can try out when you purchase the box! They have so many flavors available for you all, those were just the flavors that I haven’t consumed yet ( because they were really that good!)

My personal favorites are:




If you guys are wondering what the pink bird and dolphin are, they’re PEN RESTS!! I bought them at Yingge Old Ceramics Street! They have a wide array of products for you to choose from! Plus, they’re just cheap! around 30NTD for one.


You have to drink it with your milk because that is the main instructions on how to use this straw. Although I sometimes drink it with water just to consume all of the pearls!

Now you can turn your plain boring milk into a flavorful one! I honestly get excited on what flavors I should try when it’s time for me to drink my milk!

Here are some of the simple joys I look forward to every day in life! You know how they say it’s very important to appreciate the simple things. Well, this is one of the things that make me smile every day! Hope you all appreciate all the simple things in your life as well (You don’t want your life to be as mundane as mine)!




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