A Bank Turned into an Ice Cream Parlor

When my family came to visit me two weeks ago, we were able to travel a little bit of Taichung. For all of you who don’t know where Taichung is, it’s at the upper middle part of Taiwan. While we’re strolling along the train station, we really suddenly thought of going to this huge ice cream parlor. and so, we walked and walked until we found this ice cream shop which is formerly a bank.

This ice cream shop is very interesting because they haven’t renovated it totally, so you can still see the board where the exchange rates are shown. They also haven’t removed the vault where you store money. I wish you could see a lot more pictures, sorry if I haven’t taken a lot them. But I have taken a picture of the ice cream they serve, and it is HUGE!! REALLY HUGE!!


It’s even bigger than my face!!



They have a lot of ice cream flavors for you to choose from. I think they’re over 50!! I can say that the names of the ice creams were very complicated! I remember something like 75% Scottish Chocolate, something like that but they taste good!! Not only do they offer a wide variety of ice cream flavors, they also do offer a wide variety of toppings!! (You can see the toppings I chose in the picture, they gave the butterfly for free!)

You are allowed to choose many different sizes of cups but for me, we ordered this cup which you can choose two ice cream flavors and then 3 toppings! I am very satisfied with my order. The ice cream tastes good! The price is worth it! The ambiance is very relaxing also.

For all those who are planning to drop by Taichung, you all have to go to this place!! It’s just near Taichung Train Station, so it’s easy to go to! I’ll put on the address below! Hope you all have a good day!

Store name: 第四信用合作社 (Di si sin yong he zuo she)

Location: No. 72, Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, 400




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