We went to Keelung City!!

My friend and I had the privilege of traveling (most of) Keelung last weekend. We went there on Friday afternoon and went home on Sunday afternoon. It was not really hard to go there knowing we are living in Taoyuan, but thanks to the very convenient transportation system of Taiwan, we were able to reach Keelung by riding just one train! So glad that commuting is hassle free!

A super short background of Keelung (According to Wikipedia):

Keelung City is a port city near Taipei, in northern Taiwan. Surrounded by mountains, it’s known for its sheltered harbor.

With that being said, the first thing you see when you get out from the train exit are harbors, large ships, and water! We got off at the North Exit of Keelung Station btw! You can also get out of the South exit but we did not do that since our hotel is nearer at the North Exit. Upon arriving at Keelung, we had our lunch at Burger King. Then we went straight to our hotel.


At the ceiling of Keelung Train Station, North Exit side (so beautiful!!)



What you see when heading out of North Exit of Keelung Train Station



Keelung Port


Beidoo Hotel

We stayed at the Beidoo Hotel. The location of Beidoo hotel is very convenient since it is around 8 minutes walk from the Train Station. A bakery can be found near the hotel. A lot of restaurants are also near the place. So if you are hungry at night, you can just go out and eat. Miaokou Night market is also near the hotel. Plus, a 32-floor mall is also near the place! That 32-floor mall has Muji, Uniqlo, and other stuff. The room is very clean! Their employees are also very accommodating and warm. Don’t worry if you cannot speak fluent Chinese, some of them can speak English (not that fluent though, but enough to communicate).

We first chilled at the hotel for a few hours because we are still waiting for our friends and it’s really hot to walk outside, so we just decided to play Everwing to kill time! Yes, we love Everwing!! haha

Location: No. 319號, Xin’er Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202

Phone: 02 2422 7899

Jasmine Cafe (茉莉森咖啡)

When our friends have arrived, we first went to Jasmine Cafe to catch up. They serve really good drinks. Don’t worry if you’re not into coffees and frappes because they also have fresh fruit juices for you! This place is a really chill place; the ambiance is also really cozy. The price is also not that expensive that is why if you plan to chill at Keelung City, you can visit this cafe!

Location: 200, Keelung City, Ren’ai District, 孝二路98號

Phone: 02 2429 5857

Miaokou Night Market

We had dinner at Miaokou Night Market. This night market is really unique for me because of the numbers located at the side of every restaurant sign. Most of the food they are selling is seafood and kiampong (Hokkien Chinese Rice Casserole). They are so good!! This is not the typical night market where you only find stinky tofu and milk tea which is why this night market is very unique for me.

Raw Sea Urchins


Huge Escargot


Roasted Suckling Pig or better known as Lechon for the Filipinos (Upper right) and Raw Sea Urchins (Bottom)
Bamboo shoot with Mayonnaise


Kiampong (love)
Strawberry Bingsu for dessert


Location: Rensan Road, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, 200

I definitely had a great time here! Would definitely come back! To all who are planning to go to Taiwan, visit this city for a unique experience!




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