Tainan Day 1

Good day everyone! I am fully aware that I haven’t posted anything for quite a while; my life has been incredible these past few days. National Taiwan University’s summer program is really fun and educational. You can meet a lot of great friends all over the country. In fact, these friends could be one of the people you’ll treasure the most in your life. I am really grateful that I made the choice of joining this program; I didn’t regret anything at all! For those who wanted to do something spectacular this summer, I suggest you join this program!

During the second weekend of this program, I have had the privilege to visit a beautiful city in Taiwan. Tainan is a very lovely city. In most of my travels around the country, Tainan is one of the places that I will gladly go back to. When I got to know the city for two days, I have felt more and more admiration towards it because of the rich history that it has since it’s the oldest city in Taiwan and the places we’ve been to. I love everything about this city!

On our very first day, we rode the HSR/bullet train to Tainan. I know you may all be thinking, “Wow, what a way to save money as a student!” But we were able to grab an HSR promotion for about 2500NTD which includes a two-way HSR ride, free bus within the city, and a free dinner. Not bad right? For me, it’s already worth it! Okay, moving on, we took the 2 PM train and we were able to arrive at Tainan around 4 PM. Please be mindful of promotions whenever you are travelling since it will definitely help you save a lot of money.

HSR Promo for Tainan
HSR Promo (front)
HSR Promo for Tainan
HSR Promo (back)

The first agenda in our list was to visit the most famous museum in the city which is Chimei Museum. It’s only one bus stop away from the Tainan HSR Station. The museum only opens until 5.30 PM, so we also weren’t able to go inside and have a look. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed so much!

Chimei Museum Tainan
Fountain in front of Chimei Museum

Chimei Museum in TainanChimei Museum Tainan

Chimei Museum in Tainan
Chimei Museum

Chimei Museum TainanChimei Museum TainanChimei Museum Tainan

Chimei Museum Tainan


Chimei Museum Tainan
I am not sure what this tree is but it’s very pretty ❤

Location: No. 66, Section 2, Wenhua Road, Rende District, Tainan City, 71755

Tainan Huayuan Night Market (Tainan Flower Night Market)

After checking in at our hotel, we went straight to the night market. Tainan Huayuan Night Market is a HUGE night market! Not only do they have Taiwanese food, but they also have Thai, Indonesian, Korean, and much more! This is the first night market that I have seen such huge variety of food.  There is one food that has made my trip at Tainan memorable, it’s this Deep Fried Crispy Cricket! It’s not as bad as you think, actually, it’s not bad at all! You can’t even taste the crickets, it just tastes crispy. The taste of the potato in between crickets is much stronger than the crickets itself! If you’re feeling adventurous like me, you can give this a try.


Deep fried crispy crickets


Of course, games wouldn’t be missing in any Taiwanese market. Tainan Huayuan Night Market has a whole alley full of games! You can play darts, archery, easier kind of mahjong, etc. It was fun to go to these kinds of places with friends!

I am going to talk about my Tainan day 2 in another post, so stay in tune! Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Please do forgive my lame writing skills since I haven’t posted for quite some time. If you guys have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I also wanted to thank my friend, Toniao for allowing me to post some of his photos!




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