What Lies Ahead is Far Better than What Lies Behind Us

There is a saying that goes like…

You know you’re doing well when you lose interest in looking back.

I am proud to say that right now, I am not interested in looking back anymore. I am no longer attracted to my past. I am very much interested in how to make the best out of my present life. I am looking forward to making a better future for myself.

How was I able to come to this point? I can say that it’s just a matter of patience, forgiveness, and self-love. I am not gonna lie, sometimes I still find myself thinking of the past but I don’t want to be a part of that anymore. I would want to move on in life because I felt that there is so much to look forward to in life. If you’re not happy with your present life, I suggest you make each and every day a memorable one. With that being said, if you do this every day then you have something to look forward to in every day. You will sleep every night thinking of how you’re going to achieve something the next day. I believe that this strategy will challenge you into becoming a better person. It will force you to push your limits.

I have said earlier that for you to get to this point, you have to have a lot of patience, forgiveness, and self-love. Why would I say as such? Firstly, you need the patience to push through this challenge or trial in your life. You have to have the perseverance to tell yourself that this is the time for you to not give up on yourself. This is the also the time to first accept the rain before experiencing the rainbow.

A lot of forgiveness is also needed in this process. Forgiveness to others, especially the ones who have hurt you in the past. More importantly, forgiveness to yourself. We all know how important it is to forgive other people. We do this in order to have peace of mind. But it is also very critical for us to know how to forgive ourselves. We ought to show love not only to other people but also to ourselves. Forgive yourself for making those mistakes. Forgive yourself for all the decisions you’ve made impulsively. Forgive yourself for all your shortcomings.

Lastly, I cannot stress how important loving yourself is. You have to know how to love yourself. Other people won’t be able to love you if you don’t know how to love yourself. Accept your flaws and flaunt your strengths for they make you who you are. There won’t be anyone in this world that’s exactly like you. You are who you are and that itself is special.

I am also undergoing these three stages in my life but every day I am striving and doing the best I can. With this, I am happy to be in this place right now for I see myself improving every day and that alone is enough. I will always continue to do this and I know that it’s not easy but…

What lies ahead is far better than what lies behind us.

I encourage all of you to do the same. I promise you that it will all be worth it in the end. Don’t give up!





Do you remember the days where you could just play around with your friends in the backyard? Do you remember the times where your only problem is which flavor of candy to buy? Do you remember the times where you could just wake up and everything is prepared for you like your breakfast, uniform, and lunch money?

I really miss those times. I am at a phase right now where I am really struggling with my future.  One of the things I needed to figure out soon is finding a place to live. I need to find an apartment as soon as possible since I just graduated from my MBA. I couldn’t live in the dorm anymore so I have to find a new place. With that being said, I find it so hard to find an apartment that would suit your preferences. Sometimes the place they are offering would require you to share the bathroom with strangers. Sometimes when you have your own private bathroom, the rent is just too expensive. When you wanted to find a cheaper place, sometimes it could be really dirty. So, you know how I feel. This is just one of the things I am currently worrying about.

I know I am not the only one experiencing these types of situation but for those of you who I am currently in the same boat with, I know it could really be hard! Thus I would like to share some of my ways on how to cope and find solutions for this kind of situations.

But whenever I am worried about these dilemmas, I would always be reminded to take a step back and do something I genuinely enjoy like go outside and take a long walk, or do photography or even do retail therapy. These things could really help you destress. You will need it whenever the situation becomes too overwhelming.

I am the type of person who becomes really motivated to solve a problem instantly. Like when a situation comes up, I would always immediately find solutions because I don’t want to overthink a certain problem for too long. It would make me just feel depressed in the end. So my advice is to always look for solutions and face your problems head on. The truth is, if you keep on overthinking certain situations, it would only make you feel tired emotionally from thinking a lot and that’s not a healthy way to live life. But if you’re not this type of person, I think it would be best for you to tell your friends or family about it then try and find solutions after.

I also realized that in every decision, there is always an opportunity cost. You have to give up something in order for you to gain the thing you wanted. Sometimes there really is no such thing as a win-win situation. You have to give up something.

I am also reminded that in the end, everything will be okay. Eventually, everything will work out. You just have to trust your instincts and trust in the Lord. You have to lift it all up to His hands and He will take care of it.

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7

These were just some of the learnings I have learned by living the expat life. This lifestyle could be really hard at times, but you what they say,

“Wilderness is a place of testing and growth.” – Dr. Stacey Tay

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!



Expat Life Lessons

Today I wanted to share with you 5 important life lessons of living the expat life. But first, I have to tell you my background story for you to understand my situation.

On the year 2014, my friend/achi Christine told me she studied college in a university in Taiwan. She told me that the school was nice and they offer scholarship and a monthly allowance to foreigners and the school wouldn’t require you to work for them afterward (she was trying her best to convince me to go). So, I took the bait and told my parents about it and they said it would be a great opportunity for me thus I should go for it. I have processed my papers and documents which are the hardest and most troublesome part of this application. So, I immediately applied for my grad school without even knowing if I am going to graduate college haha! The day I got accepted was the day before my college graduation ceremony, imagine the timing! The happiness I felt at that time was indescribable! But I am also sad because I only have 3 months left to spend time with my loved ones. Then September came, the fall semester starts. This is the start of my expat life!

Now that it’s 2017 and I am here living the expat life in Taiwan for almost 2 years, I have learned a lot about life. Let me share with you 5 important life lessons I have learned:

  1. You have to know how to handle your expenses. Even though I have my monthly allowance provided by the school, I still find myself going short on some weeks. When you become short, you don’t have so many people to rely on. Of course, your family is only a call away but what if you need it immediately? This is why you have to know how to save for a rainy day.
  2. Google Maps is your new best friend. If you’re going somewhere and you’re lost, the best way to know which direction you should go to is Google Maps. When you’re living in a foreign country, it makes it harder for you to communicate. Even though you can try to communicate but most of the times, they won’t understand you. I am not saying you should not try to learn the language but if you don’t have any choice, it would be best to consult Google himself!
  3. Take care of thyself! When you’re alone in a foreign country, the last thing you would want to happen to you is to get sick. In my two years of stay in Taiwan, I can honestly say I got sick only once excluding dysmenorrhea of course! But dysmenorrhea is hard as hell! Every time I feel discomfort, I wish my mom was there which leads me to my next point.
  4. You will miss your loved ones so much. The first time I moved to Taiwan, I cried a lot. I cried when my dad came to visit me. I cried when I need to go back to Taiwan after my winter break. You will be crying a lot and you’re going to miss your family so much because of the loneliness that creeps in at the most random times of the day. But this would only be hard at first, it’s only a phase! Yay! As time goes by, you would eventually get used to it. So, for all of you who are still living with your family, you have to cherish them, love them and show them that you care.
  5. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Even though you feel alone, you know your Father in Heaven is always by your side. He will be your Great Shepherd in times of need! I have been so grateful for Him for just guiding me throughout the tough times. His words are ever so comforting. I always feel blessed to have known Him as my Lord and Savior. 🙂





Unsettling thought


Good evening everyone or good morning rather since it’s already 12.05AM!

Around 9 PM yesterday, I am on my way back to the dorm. As I rode the bus, an unsettling thought occurred in my head. It is a question that would seem easy to somebody but it is not for me. That question could also be evident to someone but it is not to me. This question kept bothering me until I reached my dorm. I have talked about it with my best friend, Vina. And it seems that she was thinking about the same thing. So, I think all of you are itching to know what this question is. The question is…

What am I going to do with my future?

What am I going to do with my future? This question is a very important question as it determines the course of your life and it affects most of the primary decisions you are going to make. To some people, most of their future are all laid out upon them. To some people, the future is easy to them because job offers actually come to them and they don’t have to search for a job and go through interviews. But to me, a normal citizen of the Philippines and currently residing in Taiwan, my future is a blank page.

On a side note: Let me be frank with y’all. The reason I am writing this now is so I can have an outlet for my emotions. My thoughts needed a place to reside ( I don’t know if that really made sense but you know what I mean 😉 ).

Going back to what I was saying, my future felt so foreign to me. I don’t know if I was the one resisting the change that was already happening. I felt like I was not yet ready for the “adulting” life. But then again I started to revel in these thoughts and I realized something.

I realized that everyone goes through this stage and it is perfectly normal to feel this way. Everyone feels uncertain about their future. Everyone is struggling on what they should do with their life. Everyone starts with baby steps in navigating through their future. In doing so, this makes them discover what they want along the way. The beauty of starting off with a blank page is that anything is possible and any road leads you to where you wanna be!

Please pardon my writing skills as I am new to this. This is Caye and welcome to the Mundane Life of an Expat!